Bizzell delivers extensive experience and past performance in intelligence operations for federal government customers. In this capacity, Bizzell helps clients convert data into knowledge, enabling data-driven decision making, and providing an in-depth analysis of acquired intelligence to senior leadership during mission-critical decision points.


Bizzell knows that operational success is often dependent upon remaining a step ahead of the adversary, achieved by organizing sourced data in concise, executable, and information-backed assessments.


Bizzell’s intelligence capabilities include multiple areas of expertise, all of which provide varying concentrations of situational awareness that all address intelligence collection, tasking, exploitation, analysis, dissemination, and data visualizations.


Language and Cultural analysis


Bizzell maintains a cadre of personnel with some of the most utilized and relevant language capabilities. Our language and cultural support services include operational training exercises for pre-mobilization units, intelligence operations interpretation, translation services, and country-specific subject-matter experts who deliver cultural immersion and diplomatic engagement. Most of our linguist are also skilled intelligence analysts, and enable us to provide a significant level of dual expertise from placed personnel. Bizzell knows that language is a core function in the current international landscape. To ensure we continue to deliver key services to government clients, we offer:


• Language support to customers in the Intelligence Community (IC) and DoD

• Support prime vendors who deliver integrated language technology to augment language-driven analytical activities

• Enhance intelligence artifacts by provide OSINT translation of various media sources




Bizzell Corp. leverages a standardized, yet agile, program management methodology that ensures consistent, traceable, quality execution of client requirements. This methodology enables us to define and document performance expectations throughout a project, and continuously monitor performance; addressing the integral functions needed for successful contract performance. Our program management professionals adopt our client’s mission as their own.


We implement a continuous process improvement strategy by utilizing our significant expertise in program management, adoption of the latest tools and techniques to execute program objectives effectively and provide a degree of mission support that optimizes mission requirements and fiscal realities.





Bizzell Corp. offers a wide-array of logistics support solutions for construction and development public and private sector clients. We develop an environment that delivers complete life support functions to reduce the challenges for entities that work on a global scale.


Our key partnerships with companies that share our corporate values and work with us to deliver operational support in multiple countries, Bizzell can quickly deploy and respond to client needs. This level of readiness ensures that our clients can focus on operational objectives and business needs, while we provide the expertise needed to achieve security and operational readiness.


In addition to optimized supply chain management, we offer a vast array of contingency operations including risk assessments and infrastructure surveys.





Bizzell Corp. works with all types and divisions of government(s) to assess and enhance the operational structure and developmental activities of various societies. This encompasses work efforts from rural communities to high-ranking officials in executive offices. Bizzell works off the principle that establishing public sector organizations / departments that are active, dependable, and responsive is one of the most essential functions for a state to provide goods, services, and security to its people. To further support this, Bizzell provides subject matter experts to work with key community members to develop and implement strategies for constituent relations, community services and overall responsibility and transparency.


Similarly, Bizzell believes that long-term development cannot take place without effective stabilization activities. Effectiveness is focused on root causes of instability. Bizzell offers technical assistance, training, and hands-on mentoring to any allowable entity experiencing challenges with their stabilization components. Bizzell provides clients with a significant breadth of experience designing stability. As a function of our stabilization practices, we deliver training programs.






Bizzell Corporation's technology and cyber security offerings are strategically guided by industry-standard structures. In doing so, we leverage technology to deliver clients with leading security solutions, that are focused on both mission and enterprise needs. ensuring the implementation of agile, defense-in-depth architectures. In addition to offering assessments and operational support, Bizzell can provide the full life-cycle of capabilities utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.


These services also include analysis of global trends in cyber capabilities, information operations, and information technologies, by our cyber specialists. Additionally, we often review trends on existing security technologies and deliver recommendations and solutions on how to improve capabilities for governments and private-sector clients.


Additionally, Bizzell can:


• Provide written assessments, briefings, and warnings on cyber threats using state-of-the-art tools and methods

• Consistently identify trends in cyber and information technologies and advise on how to prevent, detect, and respond to security threats

• Analyze man-made and natural threats to client’s existing IT infrastructure and recommend ways to bolster the resiliency of internal systems