Bizzell delivers extensive experience and past performance in intelligence operations for federal government customers. In this capacity, Bizzell helps clients convert data into knowledge, enabling data-driven decision making, and providing an in-depth analysis of acquired intelligence to senior leadership during mission-critical decision points.


Bizzell knows that operational success is often dependent upon remaining a step ahead of the adversary, achieved by organizing sourced data in concise, executable, and information-backed assessments.


Bizzell’s intelligence capabilities include multiple areas of expertise, all of which provide varying concentrations of situational awareness that all address intelligence collection, tasking, exploitation, analysis, dissemination, and data visualizations.


Language and Cultural analysis


Bizzell maintains a cadre of personnel with some of the most utilized and relevant language capabilities. Our language and cultural support services include operational training exercises for pre-mobilization units, intelligence operations interpretation, translation services, and country-specific subject-matter experts who deliver cultural immersion and diplomatic engagement. Most of our linguist are also skilled intelligence analysts, and enable us to provide a significant level of dual expertise from placed personnel. Bizzell knows that language is a core function in the current international landscape. To ensure we continue to deliver key services to government clients, we offer:


• Language support to customers in the Intelligence Community (IC) and DoD


• Support prime vendors who deliver integrated language technology to augment language-driven analytical activities


• Enhance intelligence artifacts by provide OSINT translation of various media sources


Bizzell Corp is a veteran owned, international services and solutions provider. Our business starts with an employee-first approach that has been established as the core of our culture. This approach cultivates an environment where our on-site professionals remain dedicated to customer success because they have a leadership team that understands that the employees are our most valuable asset.
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